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How Can A Crystal Candle Help Me?

Handcrafted & Magical

Crystal Candles are  locally hand crafted,  hand poured in sunny San Clemente, California. Crystal Candles are  multi faceted healing tools that utilize the power of Crystal healing, candles, color, and vibrational healing to create positive changes in your life. 

Crystal Candle themes are created to help you energetically align with your desire. Because we must first be in perfect alignment with our desire to make it appear into fruition, each Crystal Candle has a theme to help  with these specific life goals or life issue you wish to work on to build a better you. This can be as simple as a Love blend  to attract love, or as complex as a house blessing blend that may take into account all the energies within a household that will need to be addressed and spiritually balanced,

Stephanie was great. She responded immediately to my first message and walk me through my order and shipped it immediately! Excellent customer service ! the candles are beautiful and smell awesome! Thank you Stephanie!

Lynne Wood

I can feel the positive energy every time I light it!

Amber M.

super fast shipping, very kind customer service, beautiful candle, and even more on her website! i look forward to ordering more veryyyyyy soonūüėÄ

Savannah Talbert~ Crystal Candle Etsy Customer

I recently suffered a break up and I decided to purchase the Break Up Candle. So glad I did! It smells amazing and gave me the power to move on. I am dating again. and meeting so many great people.

Jennifer S.

I have been burning candles for years. But Never like this!

Michelle Meyer

A Special Gift That Spreads Good Energy

A Crystal Candle Is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one to  uplift their spirit and help initiate positive change in their life.

Personalized Candle Gram

Looking for something for someone special? A Crystal Candle Gram is the perfect idea!