The Crystal Candle- The Break Up Candle For Healing Hearts

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Don't Get Confused. If you are looking for a  hex candle to break up a couple...This is not the one.

The Break Up Candle is a candle to help heal  hurting hearts after a break up. My Most power packed  Crystal  Candle with emotional healing crystals to help turn your sad, grieving energy back into happy balance.

A great gift for yourself or a loved one who may be going through heartbreak.

Healing Crystals include:

Rose Quartz-Soothes Grief

Aventurine-Tranquilizes Nerves

Amazonite- Pacifies Worries And Fears

Amethyst- Releases Negative Thoughts/ Helps With Acceptance

Citrine- Promotes Happiness

 Smokey Quartz- Helps To Let Go

Turquoise-Promotes Understanding

Moonstone- Peace

Blue Kyanite- Release Anger

***Available in 2 sizes 32 oz Mason Jar

                               16 oz Mason Jar