About us

Candles have often been thought of as magic. 

From the time you were very small, you have been accustomed to the candle burning ritual of candles on the birthday cake. You had selected the color that spoke most to you, Lit your candles, made a special wish, and blew them out in hopes that your wish would come true. 

The crystal candle was created  with that age- old special ritual in mind. To bring that hopeful  magic of belief back into your life.

With intention, we can change the way we think, which in turn, can change our lives.

 The addition of crystals amplifies and adds to the positive manifestation (wish) energy of the candle. So whether you purchase your Crystal Candleto liven up your space with beautiful color, scent and crystal energy, or to work on meditations to focus on manifesting your wishes and desires into your current life,  The Crystal Candle  will Uplift your spirits and help you to remain positive. 

Because positive thought  is the the main ingredient that is necessary to believe and build the life of your dreams.