The Crystal Candle- The God's Love Candle

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It is God's promise that we live a beautiful life here on earth. One filled with happiness, love, and plenty. It is often said" Ask and you shall receive." Well, some may wonder.."What Happened?"

What happens is our human mind is prone to the expectation of lack and suffering. The result of this starts to chisel at your self worth and your belief that you are good enough   to receive any of the goodness life has to offer. This begins in our minds and permeates our thoughts. When this happens, the negative result is manifested in your daily life. 

The God's Love Candle helps provide the positive energy to remind you that you have been born to receive all that you desire. 

Each God's Love candle includes the following heaven sent supportive crystals to bring good luck, love and happiness into your life.

Green Aventurine- Helps you to accept that you deserve the best

Citrine- Promotes happiness, enjoyment of life, and increases prosperity

Chrysoprase- Promotes your belief in your worth

Rhodochrosite- Assists you in knowing and respecting your own self worth

Red Jasper-Protects you from negativity absorbing vibrations

Smoket Quartz-Breaks up subconscious blocks and negativity. Helps you to figure your life out and discern what you want and do not want. Grounds and protects.

The God's Love fragrance is a unique mix of soft baby powder mixed with sweet mulberry. Very unique and smells great!

Candle is made to order.