The Crystal Candle- The Chakra Bliss Candle

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If you are familiar with the Chakras, they are energy centers in the body. These energy centers are said to balance the body.

When the Chakras are not functioning properly or are out of balance, they can cause problems for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

The Chakra Bliss Candle is a wonderful candle to burn during meditation and relaxation to bring a calming balance to yourself and your environment.

The Chakra Bliss Candle includes the following genuine gemstone crystals:

Garnet -Root Chakra- Strength, Physical activity,action, vitality,survival instincts, foundation

Carnelian-Sacral Chakra-Creativity, emotion, pleasure, sexuality,intimacy, sensuality,social ability

Citrine-Solar Plexus Chakra- Personal power, confidence, drive,will, determination

Peridot-Heart Chakra-Spiritual self,love,empathy, compassion, trust

Blue Quartz-Throat Chakra- Self awareness, honesty,communication, artistic expression

Amethyst-Third Eye- intuition, cognitive thinking, psychic connection

Clear Quartz-Crown Chakra-Link to higher power,spirituality, higher guidance,faith

Scent Dragon's Blood

Available in 16 & 32 oz Mason Jar sizes

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