The Irresistible Me Necklace-Crystal Candle Companion Jewelry

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ow do you feel about yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you feel beautiful in your own skin? Well, many of us have been beaten down by the way the media tells us we "should" look. So much so, that we have begun to feel less worthy and less beautiful. The Irresistible Me intention necklace companion has been designed to help combat the less than worth feeling you may be feeling.

The irresistible Me is a special crystal; energy necklace that has been designed to help combat those feelings that doubting self worth brings. Bringing you up and making you feel beautiful just the way you are.

The Irresistible Me intention necklace companion includes the following power packed crystal prescription to keep your energy grounded and you feeling amazing:

Smokey Quartz­ Relieves the depressed feeling you get when comparing yourself to others. Smokey Quartz helps you to love and accept your physical body.Increases virility and potency. Making you feel more comfortable in your own body.

Garnet­ Helps you feel more passionate and sexy.Helps you to embrace your sexuality. Increases virility and stamina. Garnet is said to help you look more attractive to other people by bringing out your best qualities. Inspires love and mutual attraction.Balances Sexual energy.

Ruby Zoisite­ Helps you embrace your Individuality.It will take those negative thoughts and turn them to positive. Provides you the courage, self esteem , and self confidence. All the necessary ingredients that are needed to feel irresistible.

Rose Quartz­ The stone of love and compassion.Rose quartz reminds us that we are worthy of love. It will help you to love yourself and feel beautiful just the way you are

Necklace measures 18" in.