The Home Sweet Home Necklace -Crystal companion Jewelry

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Keeping a peaceful, happy home has now become much easier with the help of the Home Sweet Home Necklace. 

Continue the power to feel calm loving energy in your daily life by wearing the Home Sweet Home necklace.

Home Sweet Home  necklace includes the following combination of powerful genuine gemstone crystals;

Citrine- To encourage  a prosperous and joyful home.

Blue Kyanite- Encourages Peaceful energy. Kyanite brings  soothing, calming , nurturing energy into the home.

Carnelian if there is a lot of anger in the home, Carnelian is a great stone to calm anger anger and rage. It helps to promote lightheartedness and optimism.

Turquoise- A stone to encourage happiness, wealth, and health within the home. Encourages Positive relationships.

Black Agate- Adds the protection element keeping your home safe. Keeps out negativity.

 Necklace length 18"in

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