Weight Loss- Crystal Candle For Healthy Change & Positive Self Image

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Weight Loss is a battle experienced on many levels. When dealing with weight loss and trying to lose weight we often battle not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Every action starts with a thought within the mind. So it is important to keep the right attitude when tackling the "Battle of the bulge"

The Weight loss candle  has the perfect crystal prescription to help you in your quest to shed pounds, feel confident and healthy.
Your Special Weight loss Candle includes the powerful energies of:

Carnelian-­Helps you to cut down on your "in between" meals. Provides extra energy, will power and stamina

Tiger's Eye-Increases motivation and boosts metabolism
Rose Quartz­Detoxifies the body. Works emotionally, helping you to see yourself as worthy and help you to love and accept yourself . Increases for self esteem

Amethyst-­Helps to break your addiction to food.

Green Aventurine­-Helps suppress the appetite. Provides the extra bit of luck to achieve your goal

Blue Lace Agate­- Stops you from binging or eating out of boredom Citrine­Helps eliminate what you do not need. This includes negative "can't do"Attitude. Brightens your disposition . 

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