The Crystal Candle- The Candle For Perfect Relationships

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Let's be honest, relationships are not easy and they are rarely ever perfect..At least most of the time.

The Crystal Candle-  Happily Ever After Candle was created to help foster a perfect relationship between you and the one you love using Genuine crystal energy. 

Inside this power packed, scented  crystal candle are  special energy crystals  that will help you bring more love, balance, and harmony to your union. 

Energy Power Crystal Combination-

Rose Quartz- Unconditional Love -Compassion

Garnet - Passion -Intimacy

Lapis Lazuli- Faithfulness - Respect- communication 

Clear Quartz-Clear Thinking 

Amazonite- Honesty

Turquoise- Loyality-trustworthyness-Sensitivity- Trust

Moonstone-Selflessness -Nurturing

Citrine- Prosperity

Smokey quartz-Enhance Virility-Grounding-Comfort

Soy Veggie Blend Candle

Scent- Amber