The Crystal Candle- The Birthday Candle

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Possibly the best birthday gift a person could receive!

The Crystal Candle- The Birthday Candle is a powerful and scrumptious looking scented candle with genuine gemstone energy.

The energy crystals are a the perfect wishful combination of chakra crystals for health wealth and Happiness. All the good things most people wish for on their birthday.

Crystals toppers include a mix of the following to encourage  positive life energy:

Root- Garnet

Sacral- Carnelian

Solar Plexus- Citrine


Throat-Blue Quartz

Third Eye- Amethyst


This item is made to order. Please allow an additional 3 days prior to shipping.

Scent Birthday Cake

16 Oz Hand decorated Mason Jar



Option 1 is Candle Only

Option 2 Make it a jewelry candle

This option includes a special surprise jewelry gift  piece inside the candle.