The Crystal Candle -Rose Quartz Premium

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The Original Crystal Candle poured into a beautifully hand decorated 32 oz  mason Jar.

The Crystal Candle is a special intention candle that fills your environment with loving compassionate energy. 

We start by combining a long burning,highly scented  soy/vegetable blend candle with the power of genuine Rose Quartz stones. 

Use to bring love, compassion, heart healing,friendship, and beauty into your being and/or your space. 

Rose Quartz is an  emotional heart healer. Rose Quartz will help to bring the following


-Brings Love into your life

-Release blocked energy within the heart

-Stimulates acceptance, forgiveness, & unconditional Love

-Healing relationship problems

-Brings friendships

-Used for beauty rituals or when working to love yourself and see yourself as beautiful