The Crystal Candle- Aventurine

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The Crystal Candle is a special intention candle that brings good luck and enhances the energy in your chosen space.

We start by combining a long burning, highly scented  soy/vegetable blend candle with the power of genuine Aventurine stones.

Use to bring luck, prosperity, or strengthen leadership into your being and/or your space. 

Aventurine is also an  emotional heart healer. It is a good anxiety reducer that will help relieve stress.

Aventurine will help to bring the following



-Leadership Strength

-Brings good Luck

-Better Life

-Absorbs  Environmental Pollution

-Balacnes spacial energy bringing a "Feel Good" Environment

-Candle size is 21.641 oz/640 ML

Scent is Juniper Breeze

PLEASE NOTE- This item is special and made to order. Please allow 2-3 days processing.