The Break Up Necklace- Crystal Candle Companion Jewelry

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If you have ever had your heart broken, you know what a challenge it can be to feel like you can ever be the same again. Well. I am happy to tell you can! With the powerful energies of crystal healing, meditation, and positive thought you can lessen the hurt that you feel and accelerate your healing. When dealing with a break up, you are actually grieving a loss. So naturally, time is what it will take for you to feel alive again and believe you can go on. The pain you are feeling is only temporary. That is something you must always remember. It may seem like your world is falling apart, but in actuality,it is the opposite. You have been given another chance at love and to find the perfect partner that will treat you the way you want to be treated. Fortunately, if we are lucky, after a breakup we gain the knowledge

and the realization of what we want and do not want in a relationship.
It is with this precious information and knowing that you will begin to make the right choices that benefit your happiness and well being. Healing Crystals include
Your crystal prescription to heal from Break up includes:
Rose Quartz­Soothes Grief Aventurine­Tranquilizes Nerves
Amazonite­ Pacifies Worries And Fears
Amethyst­ Releases Negative Thoughts/ Helps With Acceptance Citrine­ Promotes Happiness
Smokey Quartz­ Helps To Let Go Turquoise­Promotes Understanding
Moonstone­ Peace
Blue Kyanite­ Release Anger