Sugar Cookies & Crystals

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Sugar Cookies & Crystals is a unique Crystal candle that smells like fresh baked sugar cookies. Not only does it smell delicious, it contains a mixture of positive energy crystals that will keep your energy balanced, stress free , and happy during the hectic holiday season or anytime of the year. 

Each Sugar cookie & Crystal Candle includes the following prescription crystals 

Rose Quartz- For love and compassion energy. Brings more friendships and love into your life. It is great for group gatherings keeping quarrels low and love high.

Citrine- A "Feel Good" crystal keeping the energy bright and happy, Citrine is also known as a prosperity crystal. It will ensure good fortune. Citrine is also helps boost self esteem. It will provide the "Can Do" energy to help you tackle all tasks and goals.

Howlite- The stone of Calm. Keeps you cool and relaxed. Diminishes anger and rage making you more comfortable and happy.

Turquoise- An All purpose crystal for good health and happiness..Turquoise embodies power.It brings  luck, and protection. 

Ultra Fragrant & Long Lasting