Sky's The Limit-Crystal Candle For Motivation & Success Jewelry Surprise Candle

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What does personal best mean to you? Does it mean a better position, more money, or creating success and happiness in life?

The Crystal Candle Sky’s The Limit Candle For Success , is a specially designed energy candle  that has been created to help you work toward achieving your dreams and attaining success. 

Each Sky’s The Limit Candle For Success includes the following powerful crystal energy stones to help bring in the energies of happiness, positive mental health, success, motivation, and prosperity.

                                        These Power stones include:

Carnelian- Protects you from negative emotions ,calms fears and mental tensions.Restores motivation, courage, and self esteem . Carnelian gives you the power of perseverance to never give up in any situation. A great energy booster and joy giving stone.

 Smokey Quartz -Helps dissolve subconscious blocks and negativity  that keep you from working toward your dreams. Helps you make better life decisions and to be clear on what you truly want in life. Smoky Quartz grounds and protects your energy. 

Snowflake Obsidian- Helps you tolerate difficult times. A great stone for relieving negative energy and stress. 

Citrine- A prosperity stone. Brings more financial blessings and success into your life. Brightens your energy and creates  the feeling of happiness.

Tiger’s Eye-  Increases motivation and brings good luck, prosperity, courage, and power. It's powerful energies will help you to conjure up the strength and motivation to work toward all that you want or wish for.A great stone when working toward money manifestation

Green Aventurine-  Is a good stone  for luck and prosperity. Aventurine balances spacial energy to bring a "Feel Good" Environment around you. It is also a great leadership stone providing you the strength to work toward your goals and build a better life

Scented in Grapefruit Mangosteen

12.25 oz

This Crystal Candle is not only powerful, It also  includes a special jewelry surprise inside.