Skeletons In the Closet- Crystal Candle To Remove Your Emotional Baggage

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Do you have Skeletons in the closet? Are There things you have done in the past that you feel guilty about and simply cannot shake out of your head?

Learn to forgive yourself and let go of the"Emotional Baggage" that is keeping you in living in lower frequency by burning the Skeletons In he Closet Crystal Candle.

Made with A Special Blend Of Rhodonite,Kyanite, and Red Jasper To Banish guilt so you can learn from your mistaker and move on.

Remember, the past cannot be changed. It is through our current actions and thoughts that we create tour future life.


Rhodonite-Acceptance,Forgiveness,Self Love

Kyanite-Let Go Of The Guilt

Red Jasper-To Help Learn  From Your Mistakes

16 oz Mason 

Hand Poured

Scent-Moonlit Walk