Romantic Mood Deluxe Crystal Candle

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Romantic Mood is a Crystal Candle designed to empower you to feel sexy, powerful and enhance your  romantic relationship.

Romantic Mood contains  a special Mood  boosting blend of the following energy crystals:

 Garnet-Connected to the vital life force, Garnet balances the root chakra. Garnet is believed to increase passion, so it is a great stone to rev up the libido.It is known as a "Stone of Commitment" and can help slow moving relationships go to the next step. .Garnet brings in romance and the feeling of excitement. It is especially helpful for stagnant relationships or one that is waning in passion. 

Carnelian is the stone of passion and sexuality. It enhances creativity and ignites passion between lovers. Carnelian stimulates your base and sacral chakras, igniting erotic energy, removing inhibitions, and allowing the exchange of free, passionate love.

Rose Quartz-
It is known as the 'Love Stone' , Rose Quartz emits is a strong vibration of unconditional love and emotional healing. It opens your heart center and restores love and trust enhancing the   love life and creating strong bond of love.

Smoky quartz-
Helps passion flow freely. It can  break through any barriers or  sexual hang-ups that may have been a result of past relationship trauma. It increases virility and balances the sexual centers. It enhances intimate connection.

21 oz 

Scent- Indian Sandlewood