Owl Love You Forever X-Large Love Power Candle

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Quite possibly the biggest candle I will ever make. The Owl Love You Forever candle is a super charged love candle in a 42 oz beautiful owl shaped glass container. 

The perfect gift for the one you love. Scented with yummy Pink Sugar and includes the following Genuine Crystals for the ultimate love power:

Rose Quartz -Brings Love into your life. Release blocked energy within the heart. Stimulates acceptance, forgiveness, & unconditional Love. Healing relationship problems Brings friendships. Used for beauty rituals or when working to love yourself and see yourself as beautiful

Pink Opal-Brings feeling of Love back into your life. Elevates  joy and acceptance of love. PInk Opal Promotes  love and passion in a relationship.  It increases self worth, loyalty, faithfulness,  eroticism,spontaneity and emotional stability. 

Garnet-Helps you feel more passionate and sexy.Helps you to embrace your sexuality. Increases virility and stamina. Garnet is said to help you look more attractive to other people by bringing out your best qualities. Inspires love and mutual attraction.Balances Sexual energy

Scent- Pink Sugar