Key To My Heart Deluxe Crystal Jewelry Candle

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Key to my heart is a special Crystal Candle to enhance relationship bonding and connection. 
The Key To My Heart  Crystal Candle contains a special blend of love attracting and love boosting crystals of the following:
Malachite- The stone of fidelity, Malachite It promotes responsibility and fidelity in partnerships. It brings harmony and balance  and promotes loving  relationships.

Unikite- Known as the stone of marriage, Unikite bings love and togetherness, Unikite known as  a stone of marriage . It strengthens marriage and partnerships. It allows you to openly radiate love, which  in turn then attracts love from others.

Rose Quartz-
Rose Quartz-It is known as the 'Love Stone' , Rose Quartz emits is a strong vibration of unconditional love and emotional healing. It opens your heart center and restores love and trust enhancing the  love life and creating strong bond of love.
Lapis Lazuli- Is the stone of truth. It promotes faithfulness  and respect in relationships. It aids in better communication so there is better understanding between two lovers. Lapis is a relationship stone that  promotes fidelity in a relationship.