Happy Mommy Happy Baby

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One of my favorite candles to give as gifts to new or expecting mothers. 

The Happy Mommy Happy Baby candle contains all the right crystals to ensure good, happy energy for mother and baby.

This special Candle includes the following Prescription crystals:

Rose Quartz-Promotes love, unconditional love, acceptance. Helps foster a loving relationship between you and your bundle of joy.

Moonstone- The ultimate feminine energy crystal. Moonstone  helps to balance the hormones that sometimes seem to be out of control for new or expecting mothers.Moonstone helps to sooth emotions, combat depression,fear,  or sadness that may come with the fluctuation of these hormones helping you to feel good and balanced. 

Amythyst- As becoming a new mom can be stressful at first, Amethyst  keep stress low levels and your brain sharp. Offers protection and stability.

Unikite-Supports Healthy Pregnancy. Fosters a good connection with your baby

Citrine- The  "Feel Good"Crystal. It will keep your energy and thoughts positive and happy. It help New mothers to feel confident knowing they are good mothers and can handle anything when taking on their new role as Mother.