Give Me My Money- Crystal Candle for Prosperity & Fast Cash

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Give me My Money is a special Crystal Candle for prosperity and working toward bringing in fast cash. 

Each  prosperity candle includes the following powerful  crystals that will complement and energize your manifestation  requests.

Citrine- A stone of good luck and success.  Citrine aligns you with prosperity energy.A powerful success stone. Use to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas. 

Tiger's Eye- The Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for visualization and prosperity manifestation.Its powerful energies will help you to conjure up the strength and motivation to work toward all that you want or wish for. Aligns you with prosperity energy and attraction.

Carnelian-Inspires and motivates you toward your future.A stone of confidence and good luck. Carnelian will help you become organized and determined to work toward the positive future ahead.

Green Aventurine-Use to bring luck, prosperity, or strengthen leadership into your being and/or your space. Green Aventurine helps you to accept and believe that you deserve the best. When this idea is accepted, you open up to the possibility of receiving instead of believing you are unworthy and cannot receive the universe's bountiful gifts.

Scent- Born To Win-

The essence of  champions. A masculine and unique mixed scent which includes:

 Italian Bergamot, Pineapple, Orange
 French Lavender, Honeysuckle
 Oakmoss, Amber, Timber, Cashmere Woods