Fall Into Love Dripped Crystal Candle W Garnet

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Beautifully packaged 2.5x2.75 in Dripped Design Pillar Candle With Garnet Crystals. 


Each candles is unique and may differ slightly from item shown

Garnet-Connected to the vital life force,Garnebalances the root chakra. Garnet ibelieved tincrease passion, so it is a great stonto rev uthe libido.It is known as a "StoneofCommitment" and can help slomovinrelationships go to the next step. .Garnebringin romance and the feeling of excitement. Iiespecially helpful for stagnant relationships oonthat is waning in passion. 

For an additional $4, you can include a black wrought iron stand. This makes a beautiful presentation. Choose this option in the drop down menu.