Day At The Beach - Larimar Crystal Jewelry Candle

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Day At The Beach is a refreshing crystal candle with Genuine Larimar crystals and a special hidden jewelry surprise. 

Known as "The Dolphin Stone", Larimar Crystals are associated with the magical powers of the mighty ocean. Soothing, healing, and calming, Larimar helps you get in touch with your emotions.It supports you to feel a sense of  confident well-being and awareness of your special  capacities.

A highly  spiritual stone, Larimar  radiates love, peace, and tranquility and promotes one's luck. 

For luck in  love, Larimar is an excellent stone for those seeking their soulmate.

For positive self  improvement, Larimar removes self imposed blockages and allows you to take control of your life. Working with Larimar energy, one can shed undesirable attachments that are not helping toward their highest good. When we feel in control we are more open to living our truth and our purpose. 

Relaxation is one of the benefits of Larimar.  Use Larimar's healing and calming energies to combat stress  and allow for a more tranquil  environment.  

21 oz 

Scent:Ocean Breeze

Larimar is Also:


Powerful Throat chakra stone

Aids Communication

Cleanses unhealthy emotions

Dissolves Self Sabotage

The Stone of Atlantis

Gain Clarity of life

Use when working to connect with  angels