Crystal & Candles Novena Candle for Prosperity

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A special novena candle for relieving all wants and brings all necessities to the possessor. 

This is also a great candle to burn when looking to find a job.

This special Novena candle contains the following powerful energy crystals:

Citrine- Citrine is a powerful stone that is often used when working toward prosperity manifestation. tCitrine brings more abundance energy into your life. Citrine also helps to increase your confidence and self esteem. When we feel confident,we are more inclined to work harder to turn our dreams into reality. Because we have more belief in ourselves and our ability.This is because confidence gives you the "Can Do" attitude rather than the "I can't"attitude . Citrine also helps protect your energy from those who are energy stealers with pessimistic attitudes. That means when your dreams and aspirations are high, no one can knock you down by telling you your dream is impossible. 

Tigers Eye has been worn for centuries as a powerful protection amulet against spells and the "Evil Eye". it is one of the special stones that can defeat negative energies of all kinds.Tigers Eye is a motivation  stone that will aid you  in all your basic survival needs.  T's powerful energies will help you to conjure up the strength and motivation to work toward all that you want or wish for.A great stone when working toward money manifestation

Hematite-reaks up negative vibrations.The stone for the sharper mind.Hematite  will assist in the development of logical thought processes. Hematite enhances memory and  deep thought. Hematite may also help  in the reevaluation of personal issues so you can gain knowledge on changing negative life patterns. Use for higher learning

Green Aventurine-  Is a good stone to wear for luck and prosperity. Aventurine balances spacial energy to bring a "Feel Good" Environment around you. It is also a great leadership stone providing you the strength to work toward your goals and build a better life.

Peridot-Is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness. Peridot resonates with the frequency of increase, so it is a noteworthy gemstone for manifestation to work with to attain all that is desired.

Peridot also protects from "Outside" influences. It helps to calm and reduce stress. Helps when working to reduce the need for ego. Calms Jealousy and anger as it releases emotional blockages..

This is a non scented candle