Crystal & Candles Novena Candle for Perfect Health

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This special Candle is designed for perfect health and healing of all disease. 

Use when working on regaining you health or when meditating on healing another.


This special crystal candle includes the following Powerful crystal combination:

RedJasper- increases strength. Prevents illness

Citrine- A Feel good stone bringing positivity energy. Citrine has the ability to soothe fear and anxiety that being diagnosed with disease may bring. Eliminating this fear helps you to stay healthy longer.

Clear Quartz- An all purpose healer. An energy amplifier, Q uartz  will help to bring all chakras into balance and promote well being within the body .

Smokey Quartz- Removes anixxy and negative energy. Smoky quart will eliminate doubt and worry when you are faced with chaos or confusion. it is a powerful protective stone. It soothes energy 

Turquoise Another powerful healing stone. Turquoise is a purification stone.It helps to purify and cleanse the body of disease or any maladies that may be affecting our health. It cleanses the chakras to promote health and wellbeing