Crystal & Candles Novena Candle For Love

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A special  Novena Crystal Candle to attract love, respect , and admiration.

Great for meditations when looking  to find the perfect mate.

This special Novena Candle includes the following Crystal Energies:

Rose Quartz -Brings Love into your life. Release blocked energy within the heart. Stimulates acceptance, forgiveness, & unconditional Love. Healing relationship problems Brings friendships. Used for beauty rituals or when working to love yourself and see yourself as beautiful

Pink Opal-Brings feeling of Love back into your life. It frees you from that feeling of "I will never find someone"elevating joy and acceptance of love. PInk Opal will also provide freedom from feelings of embarrassment or  the feeling of humiliation that keeps you from putting yourself out there. 

Garnet-Helps you feel more passionate and sexy.Helps you to embrace your sexuality. Increases virility and stamina. Garnet is said to help you look more attractive to other people by bringing out your best qualities. Inspires love and mutual attraction.Balances Sexual energy

Quartz has been added to amplify the energy of all stones in this mix.

This an unscented candle