Crystal & Candles Novena Candle For Knowledge

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A special  Novena Crystal Candle for gaining knowledge and understanding of all things.

Great for meditations or to burn while studying.

This special Novena Candle includes the following Crystal Energies:

Amethyst-The "Spiritual" crystal. Amethyst increases the activity of the right brain and cuts through illusion. It is said to be the stone of the psychic. Helping  one who wishes to develop these special powers. Excellent for meditation, concentration, and to develop intuition. Calming the energies and helps connection to the spiritual aspects.

Fluorite- Helps ground excessive energy particularly mental, emotional, and nervous energy to keep you focused.Cleanses the aura.Aids in channeling. excellent to help  with the connection to the Akashic records for answering questions regarding past lives. Nicknames the "Genius Stone"Fluorite is an excellent stone for meditation and increased concentration making it a great addition to have in the work area or  while studying any subject. It will enhance the ability to grasp and understand concepts learned.


Hematite- Breaks up negative vibrations.The stone for the sharper mind.Hematite  will assist in the development of logical thought processes. Hematite enhances memory and  deep thought. Hematite may also help  in the reevaluation of personal issues so you can gain knowledge on changing negative life patterns. Use for higher learning

Novena candle is non scented