Cosmic Consciousness - Candles For Spiritual Connection Jewelry Candle

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Cosmic Consciousness is a Crystal Candle used to get in touch with your spiritual purpose .

 This special blend includes:

Larimar- Associated with the magical city of Atlantis, Larimar is a powerful communication stone on physical and spiritual levels. It helps when working to contact the divine. Larimar is said to facilitate Angelic contact/communication, as it has a strong connection to sea and air energy. Larimar  raises spiritual consciousness and heightens psychic abilities.

Labradorite-Labradorite brings the magic back into life. It allows our natural, innate magical power to show itself. It is a highly spiritual stone that enhances all intuitive or psychic abilities. Another stone that is helpful when wishing to  develop contact with their higher guides/higher self. A great stone of protection. It keeps away negativity and provides for safe exploration.

Clear Quartz- The ultimate power stone. It raises you energy to the highest level. It heightens psychic ability while also attuning you to your life's purpose. Used in meditation, Quartz will help filter out distractions for better connection and concentration. 

This item is a JEWELRY CANDLE-Contains a surprise jewelry piece inside

21 oz- Scent Pink Pucker