Chakras & Crystals Chakra Meditation Candle-Heart Chakra

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The Heart is Chakra is located in the middle of the chest.It is considered the the love center. The center of love and compassion. It is the center that connects you to those around you.This is an important center for  achieving healthy relationships. Because you must learn to love, trust and feel for your significant other. A balanced heart chakra helps you share with others and encourages openness to the love around you.

When this center is unbalanced, you are unable to fully connect with others and establish a strong bond. We lose touch with our emotions and relationships of all kinds suffer. We lock away our feelings and are not able to express our truth.We feel constantly drained.

When the sacral chakra is functioning properly we have



Healthy Relationships







In Harmony

Kind and Gentle

See Beauty in the world

The Heart Chakra Candle includes the following Crystal Energies:

Green Aventurine- A Calming crystal that helps soothe the emotions. A good Stone for creativity and motivation. It is a leadership stone. It helps you to make better decisions and betters the response time when needed. It's protective energy protects from "energy vampires" or those who tend to zap your energy. 

Peridot -Protects from "Outside" influences. It helps to calm and reduce stress. Helps when working to reduce the need for ego. Calms Jealousy and anger as it releases emotional blockages..


The Heart Chakra Soy Blend Candle is scented with Blue Sugar Fragrance