Chakras & Crystal Chakra Meditation Candle- Base Chakra

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The Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is considered the survival center. It is the center that connect us to the earth. Helping us to live in balance on this earthly plane.

Some characteristics That are governed  by the Base Chakra are:










When the base chakra is healthy, you will be grounds and able to move forward in life.

When Base Chakra is out of balance, you may notice you seem prevented from advancing in life. Like you are  blocked. When it is out of balance, it may prevent you from achieving abundance both material and on the soul level.You may become discouraged/depressed  feeling like nothing is happening in your life. You become stagnant.

This disfunction may prevent you form being happy and with the inability to nurture things in your life( Career, love, relationships).

It is important to balance this center as it is the center of survival and physical wellbeing.

A Balanced Base Chakra will help you move forward in life without fear.

The Base Chakra Candle includes the following Base Chakra Crystals:

Red Jasper-New beginnings Provides strength and determination ,Removes worry and fear,Offers protection

Hematite-Grounding excessive energy,deflects negativity ,A "Can Do" Making things happen,Helps you become more decisive Mental power and knowledge

Black Obsidian-Grounding, Protective,Improves awareness and psychic thought ,Strength,Perseverance,Pain Relief

Scent Grapefruit Mangosteen