Chakra & Crystals Chakra Meditation Candle- Solar Plexus

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The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the breast bone.It is considered the  chakra for personal power. Personal power is associated with your ambitions, desires, and emotions. It  is the chakra in the center of the body.

When the Solar Plexus  chakra is functioning properly, you are:


Aware of your internal energy



Have  high self esteem

Able to trust

Able to make  good decisions

You have  good logic ,memory , and concentration

Recovery easily

Able to assimilate new information easily

This is the center that puts all of your ideas , thoughts , ands creative expressions into practice. 

It allows you the ability to take those thoughts and feel confident enough to put them into action. This rather  than thinking on them and never having the confidence to act them out.

The Solar Plexus Candle includes tThe Following Powerful Energy Crystals


Citrine-The " Feel Better Stone" Citrine bring happiness, confidence and healthy self esteem. Eliminates emotional toxins. Helps you feel positive and controls anger and unwanted emotions. A popular money stone for increased prosperity.


Tiger's Eye- Brings courage, calmness, and motivation. Dispels fears, introversion, and negativity.Promotes balance between right and left brain hemisphere sharpening the mind.Tiger's Eye is a great stone to eliminate depression and worry. It's sunny energy helps to promote wealth consciousness and encourages new beginnings.This in tern may lead to success while creating balanced energy.

 This  Soy Blend Candle is scented With Powdered Mulberry Fragrance.



Handle outside stimulus easily with the ability to adjust accordingly keeping emotions balanced