Welcome To The Crystal Candle


If you are looking to gain more confidence,create the perfect relationship with your partner, or to help heal after a break up, The Crystal Candle may be for you.
 Using the power of crystal healing, each Crystal Candle is specifically formulated and prepared with the correct  combination of healing crystals to help keep your energy in balance with your desire. 
As you may be aware, when we are in balance with our desires, we are in the proper frequency to bring that desire to us. 
There are many Crystal Candles to choose from. The process is simple and uses the power of your magnificent mind.
Choose the  Crystal Candle according to the energy you want to work on. Light your candle and concentrate on the good thoughts of what you want. It's that actually that simple. 
The crystal candle makes a great gift for yourself or for someone you love. 
Each crystal candle is hand poured and made in the USA.
If you have any questions or would like to inquire on creating a custom candle to fit your need, please contact :