The Winning Edge: Using Crystal Energy To Increase Prosperity

You may have heard of crystals that aid in your quest toward financial abundance. You may have tried some and feel that nothing happens. 

I too had this issue. I carried Citrine in my wallet, then Pyrite but never really saw a huge amount or anything significant. Don't get me wrong, I did receive my request to always have money in my wallet but I wanted to see more. I wanted a bigger sign that things were really moving. I wanted to see the magic I could create. 

It wasn't till recently that I had realized that I always have money, I always have enough. But that is all I had. Just enough. I was tired of juggling finances to try to afford this and that. One day I had enough. 

I sat there trying to understand where I was going wrong. What I was doing wrong. I had listened to so many Quantum Healing stories  and the idea of thinking yourself into your new reality. And then it dawned on me. I was getting in my own way of receiving. Many of us do and never realize that we are the one that holds us back. 

Whether it be fear of spending and not having enough or guilt for asking for more that we feel we deserve, with these ideas, we stop the generous flow of prosperity. 

It is written, "Ask And Ye Shall Receive."Yet when we do ask we feel guilty. Way is that? There is plenty to go around for all of us. 

Working toward prosperity is a personal thing. We all have different feelings and even blocks that may keep us from fulfilling our dreams. It is important when employing your crystals to help that you also  learn what your feelings are about prosperity. When we learn this, we can create the right crystal combination to work with and aid us in our quest for financial prosperity. 

I found that along with Citrine, adding Green Aventurine and  Tiger's Eye for extra luck and Apache Tear to remove negative thoughts and fears had really been the perfect combination for my quest. So, don't be caught up in what your books might tell you. Crystal healing is a personal journey that requires your own intuition and feelings on what works for you. 


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