The Power of Belief





Belief is an important thing. It can often times be the one  thing between life and death, happiness and sadness, or love and hate.

Our perception plays a huge part in belief. It governs how we react to things that come our way. It is in this energy space we have the power to make changes. 

It is such an easy concept to understand , Right? Then why do so many of us fail to realize we are the creators of our own lives. We  govern whether good or bad will come our way by simply our reactions. 

They always say is is very difficult to un-learn something. Especially if it is something you have always done.  We call this a habit

Merriam Webster defines a habit as:

A usual way of behaving : something that a person does often 

 A habit is a way you have learned to behave or act. This includes your attitude. We can say we have developed a habit to be happy, a habit to be sad, A habit to be angry, or a habit to be hateful. 

Looking  at that listing  of attitude habits , I can safely say that the only one that stands out to me as healthy and beneficial to human beings  is the habit to be happy. It is in this space we vibrate in a positive vibration.

Remember, it has been said that like attracts like.So it is very beneficial to wake up to your emotions, your attitude toward how you react , and how you feel on a daily basis. 

Learn to change all negative talk that may be in your head and stand up for your right to feel happy everyday.


And do not forget....Candles and crystals  can help you focus and bring positive energy into your life.  Candles affect the sense of smell and visual stimulation with their beautiful color. 

Crystals work through the human energy system. Crystals  focus this power to set you on the right energy vibration for good things to happen and even produce healing effects on the physical and emotional body.