My Experience Working With Crystal And Candles- It's A Individual Learning Experience

I have been working with crystals and candles for over 10  years.  Let Me Tell you, it is a constant learning adventure. I do not consider myself an expert at all as I am constantly being shown new things everyday. One cannot  truly   master energy. We can learn to go with its flow but never fully master its amazing form as it is in constant change. It is possibly a good thing because this change forces  us to keep up. Constantly  bringing in new feelings and ideas. But enough of my rambling on. 

One thing I have learned while working with crystals and candles is  there is no one way of doing things. Maybe you have read something and have tried to apply it  and had little or no results. It does not mean you do not hold the power that you had wished to direct. It just means you have not utilized your own way of working with the universal field. What I mean to say is, we are all unique. We all have a unique blueprint that works in its own way with the universe and the field. 

You  may find that when you intuitively listen to your body and spirit, you will automatically do things in ways that will help your energy and power to align with the universal field. This is what makes for positive  manifestation results. 

One example of this is when I had insomnia issues after surgery. I had always been a good sleeper. Never could relate with others that had sleep issues because I never knew how it felt. Well, I can tell you once I had experienced it I quickly wanted a remedy to stop it. When a person experiences insomnia, it is very dangerous as it weakens the body. In my case at the time it was increasingly alarming as I was healing and did not want any issues to affect  my recovery back to full health. I had read many times that putting an Amethyst crystal under your pillow was a great cure for insomnia. 

So, I had put one on my nightstand and  one under my pillow. I did not see any relief. It was not until an intuitive thought to buy 2 clusters and grid them on each side of the bed that I had finally received relief from my insomnia. This is a true example of what it means to use your own intuition for healing or manifestation for  what you wish to do or bring into your consciousness. No one way works for every singe person. You have to do what works for you.

Another example of intuitive learning is when I  started working with my crystal reading cards. I studied and looked at the general ways of doing things but quickly found my self doing my own style of a 12 card spread. Working with the Crystals Devas in a  way my spirit worked and understood. 

So do not get discouraged while on your spiritual journey. Be patient. As  they always say "Rome was not built in a day" and either were you or the reality you have created for yourself. Sometimes things will happen quickly while others may take longer to bring into fruition. It all has to do with how much energy we put in or direct to our goal and how many roadblocks we put up or have to work through along the way.  Just be patient, listen to your inner guide and all will unfold in in the right time in a very special way.